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3000 Series

Waterproofing systems for the repair and protection of buildings and structures

Belzona 3000 Series

(Flexible Membrane)

Belzona 3111

A single component, liquid-applied roof coating for long-term roof protection and waterproofing


Belzona 3121

A liquid-applied emergency roof repair material that provides instant waterproofing on leaking roof areas.

(WG Membrane)

Belzona 3131

A liquid-applied roof coating that provides long-term waterproofing and protection and can be applied in winter weather conditions.


Belzona 3211

A seamless and flexible single component coating for the encapsulation of all types of thermal insulation and cladding systems.

(Encapsulating Membrane)

Belzona 3411

Flexible, removable system for corrosion protection of flange encapsulations and other pipeline elements.


Belzona 3412

Flexible system that can be easily cut and removed. Used to encapsulate flanges and stud bolts, provides moisture protection and prevents corrosion.

Advantages and Benefits

Simple, safe and effective solutions allow us to help with demanding projects, so you need benefits rarely found elsewhere, including minimizing downtime, reducing health risks, safety and simple application techniques.

They reduce labor by eliminating the need for disassembly, welding, and post-weld heat treatment.

Reduce costs through better asset availability.

They enhance safety by allowing cold and in-place work with solvent-free materials.

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