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How to find products that really protect the surfaces exposed to abrasive attack? As specialists in the application of the most effective industrial coatings, we detail everything you need to know about it.

What can we expect from abrasion resistant coatings?

Industrial coatings intended for the protection or repair of surfaces in abrasive environments, are applied with specific components in order to generate a barrier that remains intact against wear and corrosion.

These coatings can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and glass. The main objective is to improve the durability of the product (be it a flooring, a façade, industrial machinery or boat surfaces), which has a direct and positive impact on the costs derived from maintenance.

Belzona: your ally for abrasive environments

What coating are we talking about? The best example is found in Belzona resins. Some of its varieties include a duo polyurethane resin composition, specially designed to repair, rebuild and coat metal and rubber components.

This product repair and maintenance material is made of flexible rubber, making it ideal for applications where elasticity, high thickness, durability and, of course, high resistance to abrasion and tearing are required.

Application method of abrasion resistant coatings

In addition to being effective once applied, abrasion resistant coatings are very easy to use. And it is that compounds such as those that Belzona sells are very easy to mix and apply, since they do not require extra special tools. Plus, they set at room temperature, eliminating the need for hot work.

In short, we achieve an agile application without incidents in a single operation, which greatly simplifies the process, regardless of the size of the application area.

Uses of linings designed for abrasive environments

Compounds intended to protect structures and surfaces in abrasive or high-wear environments provide long-term service, for example, in the repair and potting of hook joints on conveyor belts.

In addition, they are presented as an extraordinary alternative to vulcanized rubber when setting at low temperatures for repairing worn, cracked or torn rubber areas.

We also achieve much longer lasting protection against wear, abrasions, impact and chemical exposure in volutes and pump impellers.

How to acquire our industrial coating?

As you can see, industrial coatings are a true ally in abrasive industrial environments.

Do you want to access a complete catalogue? At Rodator we stock a wide variety of Belzona repair resins and industrial coatings. Contact us!

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