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Facility management at airports represents a real challenge due to its diverse nature and wide scope. An airport comprises infrastructure, facilities, equipment, systems and personnel whose objective, together, is to create a satisfactory customer experience.

The efficiency of the management has a significant impact on the operation of the airport, since it affects its security, its financial performance and the satisfaction of the user and client.

Belzona provides a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions that require minimal or no downtime and promote safety by ensuring service durability. Belzona’s polymeric materials have a proven track record in assisting airports in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

Airport Scheme


Typical problems at airports are erosion-corrosion damage, weathering, impacts, and movement on air-side metal structures.

Possible solutions: First of all, Belzona 1000 series 1000 series liquid and paste materials with 100% solids for metal rebuilding and erosion-corrosion protection of lighting structures, PAPI systems and aircraft parking decks.


Concrete damage is often caused by fluctuations in temperature, freeze-thaw cycles, use of fuels and de-icing chemicals, heavy loads, and impacts.

Por consiguiente, materiales en pasta y líquidos de las series 4000 y 5000 de Belzona son una buena solución para restauración de hormigón. Protección y nivelación de pistas, calles de rodaje y plataformas de hormigón, bases de hormigón de sistemas PAPI y recubrimiento de suelos interiores en hangares para aviones.


Typical problems: fundamentally, deterioration due to the action of the weather and / or damage to roofs and their components. Joints, joints, edges, glazing sections, gutters, flashing, skylights, parapets and cops, pipes and pipe supports. The causes of damage are generally weather and freeze-thaw cycles. Substrate movement or impacts.

Possible Solutions: Firstly, 3000 series liquid membranes for protection against climatic factors. Waterproofing, repair and protection of all types of roofs and their components.


Typical problems: deterioration of concrete and masonry, failure of construction joints due to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, impacts and structural movements.

Possible solutions: first of all, paste and liquid materials for waterproofing, reconstruction of concrete and masonry. Protection of interior and exterior walls and repair, replacement or installation of construction joints.

Belzona airport uses


Damage to floors and concrete structures due to climatic fluctuations, chemical attack or physical impact, slippery traffic areas, failure of expansion joints.

Possible solutions are paste and liquid materials for highly resistant non-slip applications. On floors, safety signs for floors and steps, restoration and leveling of concrete. Expansion joint repair, replacement and installation of new joints etc.


Erosion-corrosion and chemical attack damage to HVAC unit components. Materials for metal reconstruction and protection against erosion-corrosion. In boilers, air handling units, diesel engines, fans, pumps, condensers, generators and compressors, and cooling tower pools.


Erosion-corrosion in tubes and pipes, water boilers and storage tanks.

Possible solutions are 100% solids liquid and paste materials from the Belzona 1000 series. For metal rebuilding and corrosion protection in tubes, pipes and storage tanks. Belzona 5000 series liquid materials to provide chemical resistance in containment areas. Protection against corrosion in pipes and storage tanks for potable and non-potable water.


Typical problems are corrosion, impacts and wear due to passenger and luggage transport, heavy traffic and movement.

Possible solutions: first, Belzona 1000, 2000, 4000, and 5000 series liquid and paste materials. For metal rebuilding, leak sealing, restoration of concrete damage and corrosion deterioration, protection of floors and elevator shafts.


Typical problems: mainly, corrosion problems related to high pressure and temperature in boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers and pipes

Possible solutions, firstly, paste and liquid materials from the Belzona 1000 and 5000 series. For reconstruction of metals and protection against erosion-corrosion in solar panels, transformers and generators. Belzona 6111 liquid material for cathodic protection in solar panel supports and other metallic structures.


Erosion-corrosion in sedimentation and flotation clarifiers, aeration tanks, holding tanks, pipes, pumps and centrifuges at airports.

Possible solutions: mainly paste and liquid materials from the Belzona 1000, 2000 and 5000 series. For reconstruction of metals and protection against erosion-corrosion. 4000 series liquid and paste materials for concrete reconstruction, protection under immersion conditions, and resistance to corrosion and chemical attack in clarifiers and other tanks. Belzona 6111 liquid material for protection and sealing of tank bases with water penetration problems.


Typical problems; mainly, concrete damage due to the action of the weather, freezing and thawing cycles and impacts.

Possible solutions primarily in paste and liquid materials from the Belzona 1000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 series. For metal reconstruction, concrete restoration and protection of bases and decorative structures (fountains, waterfalls and monuments). Concrete leveling, floor protection, heavy duty anti-slip applications in pedestrian walkways, foundations and around bollards and other security structures. UV resistant corrosion protection of exterior metal and concrete surfaces.

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