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An effective colored anti-slip system plays a crucial role in ensuring the minimum potential for slip and fall injuries. Therefore, conventional anti-skid systems often present problems in withstanding the challenges of high traffic commercial and industrial environments.

Likewise, the Belzona range of polymers for non-slip treatment of surfaces of liquid application and great resistance to wear is specially designed to minimize the risk of slipping in potentially dangerous areas.

Application Example

Anti-slip Bands Application




Anti-slip Bands Application

With its simple system, in the following Know-How we explain an application from the Rodator team. These are these useful anti-slip strips inside an industrial supply warehouse.

The fundamental problem was the accumulation of dust at the exit of the changing room area, which caused a serious risk of falls and covered the horizontal marking of the transit corridor.

The application was made in accordance with the Belzona FPA-8 Application System brochure. An MBX was used to give the concrete slab greater roughness, which improved the adherence of Belzona 4411. It was decided to encapsulate the Belzona 5231 aggregate in a 1 to 2 ratio with the Granogrip in order to improve the non-slip properties of the polymer. 

Due to its great grip, impact resistance and non-slip surface, the customer finally chose Belzona.

Anti-slip color system

Fundamentally, the use of these brightly colored anti-skid systems highlights potentially dangerous areas. In addition, they produce a more aesthetically pleasing finish, which is perfect for industrial installations.

Description of how to use color aggregates with Belzona materials

  • Slip Resistant: A durable color slip resistant system reduces the potential for long-term accidents.
  • High Visibility: High visibility colors are easy to see and are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Excellent Adhesion: This wear-resistant anti-slip system shows excellent adhesion, does not peel or wear, which differentiates it from adhesive strips.
  • Easy to apply: This system is easily applied by brush without the need for hot work or special tools.

Protect your team and avoid accidents in a simple way thanks to Belzona. Do not hesitate to contact us through rodator@rodator.com and we will advise you on this and more applications without obligation.