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Ice Rink Repair

We are excited to share a success story of how a Belzona Distributor, Repair Technology, identified an application for the fast-curing epoxy aggregate, Belzona 4131, during a visit to an indoor ice-skating rink. A Sales Manager noticed that the maintenance area of the rink was damaged due to operational wear and tear, which posed a safety hazard. Further investigation revealed that the ice resurfacer machines used to maintain the ice rink caused the damage. The Sales Manager quickly thought about how Belzona can work in cold environments, perfect for the maintenance of the ice rink.

The tires of the ice resurfacer formed depressions in the concrete floor of the maintenance area, which collected water and ice from a small drain pit. The continuous freeze/thaw cycles and wheel abrasion eventually resulted in cracks in the concrete floor, posing a risk to the workers and the customers. The rink operators required a fast and durable solution to fix the deteriorating concrete floor to maintain a safe and clean facility that met the required standards.

The Repair Technology team utilized Belzona 4131, a quick-curing epoxy aggregate that offers exceptional protection against impact, abrasion, vibration, and chemicals. The team repaired the concrete floor by enlarging the drain pit and applying the Belzona 4131 epoxy aggregate to the damaged areas. The expanded drain pit improved its overall drainage capacity, preventing ice and water from overflowing in the future. To fix the spalled areas and cracks, they used Belzona epoxies, which have excellent bonding properties to concrete substrates and high impact resistance. They also utilized heaters to warm up the surrounding concrete and accelerate the curing process.

The speedy curing properties of Belzona 4131 and the efficient work schedule of the Repair Technology team allowed the ice rink’s floor to be repaired and reopened within 48 hours of the repair team’s arrival. The repaired concrete floor provides long-term protection against dangerous elements, ensuring a safe and clean facility for workers and customers.

Benefits of Using Belzona in Cold Environments

Belzona products are designed to perform in a wide range of temperatures and environments, including cold environments. In fact, some of Belzona’s products are specifically formulated to perform in temperatures as low as -40 °C (-40 °F). Belzona’s cold cure coatings, adhesives, and composites are ideal for use in cold environments such as refrigerated warehouses, cold storage facilities, and freezers. These products can be used for various applications, including floors, walls, ceilings, and equipment repair.

In addition to their ability to cure at low temperatures, Belzona products also offer excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metals, concrete, and plastics. They also have high chemical resistance, which makes them suitable for use in environments where chemicals are present.

Belzona products are well-suited for use in cold storage facilities due to their excellent chemical and temperature resistance. The products are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and protect against corrosion, erosion, and chemical attack.

Belzona Products for Cold Environments

Picture of Belzona 4111 package
Belzona 4111

Belzona 4111 is a multi-purpose repair composite for resurfacing, rebuilding, and protecting concrete and stonework, that is ideal for use in cold storage facilities. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including concrete, brick, stone, and metal substrates, and can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °C (-40 °F). This rebuilding system provides excellent protection against abrasion and impact and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Another product that is commonly used in cold storage facilities is Belzona 4411. This is a three-component epoxy system (base, solidifier, and aluminum oxide aggregate) designed for metal, concrete, tile, and wood surfaces. The rebuilding system is a hard-wearing safety grip system that creates a durable, slip-resistant surface. It can be applied in a single coat and provides excellent protection against abrasion and chemical attack. Belzona 4411 is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making it an excellent choice for use in cold storage facilities.

Overall, Belzona products are a reliable and effective solution for protecting equipment and surfaces in cold storage facilities. Their durability and resistance to extreme temperatures make them an ideal choice for maintaining a safe and efficient operation in these challenging environments.

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