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If you are looking for the best material to coat storage tanks, at Rodator we have the best fast-setting epoxy coatings that can be applied by spray or brush. These are specifically designed to provide chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals at a variety of temperatures. We have been dedicated to the supply of equipment and components for the industry for more than 40 years, providing comprehensive solutions and getting involved in projects from the beginning. Our objective is to contribute all our knowledge at the hands of an extraordinary team of technical advisors spread throughout the peninsula. Thanks to our wide range of products, you will be able to find the most suitable ones for the base sealing of your tank, in such a way that it has the maximum protection in a lasting way. In case of deterioration, our proposals also allow you to carry out the most efficient storage tank repair work, with high-quality solutions that are easy to apply, even on bolted tanks. With this, they will have adequate protection against a multitude of chemicals and guarantee optimal sealing in all types of storage tanks. Within the protection of storage tanks in the industrial sector, there are points that may have a greater risk of deterioration. This means that periodic reviews are carried out to ensure that they are in perfect condition. As an example, we have the base of the tank, which can suffer a level of corrosion that implies leaks of the tank’s contents. Storage tanks Seal your storage tank with the Belzona products we offer The experience accumulated by the Rodator staff makes us experts in the best products on the market for sealing tanks. That is why we have become authorized Belzona distributors, since it has a wide range of solutions capable of meeting all possibilities with high levels of quality. Storage tanks affected internally by erosion, corrosion and chemical attack can be quickly repaired and protected using Belzona epoxy repair materials and coatings. These can adhere to many building materials including GRP, FRP, steel and concrete. The 4000 Series of products from this specialized manufacturer is specific for concrete, it is responsible for its repair and protection against abrasion, impacts or chemical attacks. We also have other options designed for metal surfaces, also from Belzona. Advantages of using Belzona products Using Belzona materials to repair or seal a storage tank has the following benefits: They provide a permanent restoration of concrete or steel surfaces, as well as many other materials used in construction. This means a reduction in the impact on the environment and increases the useful life of the tanks. They eliminate the possibility of safety problems appearing in the tanks, since they give them a quality and durable coating. They repair existing coatings, including glass flakes, rubber coatings or epoxy coatings, since we have different alternatives that allow us to offer a specific solution for each material. They reduce downtime and off-site storage costs by using fast-setting materials with exceptional durability and spray application that are very easy to apply. We are aware of the complexity involved in choosing the most appropriate materials for tank repair, which is why our technical advisory service is in charge of helping you determine the problem in order to recommend the most appropriate solution. After purchasing the required product, we also take care of training the operators for its correct application and supervising them. If you prefer, at Rodator we have qualified personnel who will be in charge of applying the product. You choose the option that interests you the most. Need help? Contact us

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