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How to coat an industrial pump? Among the numerous metal repair and reconstruction solutions we work with, in this post we are going to focus on industrial coatings to protect against pump wear. And it is that the pumps, despite their solidity and being made of massive casting, in the short term can suffer corrosion, leaks and wear. For this reason, it is essential to have top-level technology to coat a pump, extend its useful life and, consequently, avoid costly replacements of equipment in the future. Applications At Rodator we have protection solutions with special resins and elastomeric properties that allow flexible sealing on metal, FRP or concrete surfaces, among other materials. And although the industry currently offers a wide variety of products that can be applied by spraying, brushing or spatula, those that best respond in the long term to protect pumps against wear are, among others, epoxy resin-based putties that can be applied with a spatula or PU coatings. What we achieve with a bomb casing To increase equipment performance, a proper pump lining should: Can be used even with high ambient temperatures or extreme humidity. Present a great smoothness to favor the flow and the efficiency of the pump. Function as a protective layer for the original surface, without losing static. Provide savings, so that it is renewed with moderate expenses. Preserve the solidity and geometry of the casing. Why do pumps require the highest quality treatment? Centrifugal, snail, marine pumps, diffusers… All these devices are highly exposed to physical damage and corrosion. But these risks are not the only threat to the industry: so are the resulting downtime, decreased efficiency, or security risks created by the root problem. Also, let’s not forget the difficulty of repair and poor weldability that these installations entail. Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we are specialized in industrial protection systems and we know how to cover a pump effectively and save costs in the long term. So if you need a highly resistant protective material that reduces downtime and extends the useful life of your machinery, contact us.

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