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About Us

Specialized in the supply of Components and Mechanical Engineering Services for the General Industry
Advantages and benefits

Company founded in 1981, in continuous growth, specialized in the supply of industrial equipment and services for the industry, as well as the commercialization and application of polymeric resins for the repair and protection of constructions, structures and industrial equipment.

The main services we provide are:

  • Sale of equipment for the industry in general.
  • Supply and application of composites for Industry and Civil Works.

At García de la Viña we base our philosophy on customer and process focus. Leadership, commitment to people, improvement and decision-making based on evidence (efficiency) and relationship management.

We want to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by being their “partners”, involved and participating in their projects from the beginning, giving them solutions and the best service.

Engineering and Quality

Our engineering solutions, available with the support of our headquarters in Asturias, our delegations in Galicia, Catalonia and Castilla la Mancha and our technical advisors in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia, have international accreditations and a track record that demonstrates our high performance.

At Rodator we offer both the application by our team of qualified professionals and the supply of composites for the reconstruction and protection of goods and equipment, as well as technical advice and the necessary training for the possible application of our products by the customer, if desired.

Technical Advisory Service

Whether you need to supply materials, carry out a final repair or supervise applications, our technical consultants will advise you on the best possible option to meet your needs.

Our technical consultants:

  • Diagnose the problem.
  • Recommend an appropriate solution.
  • Train operators in the application of the product, if necessary.
  • Supervise the application.
  • If desired, our qualified operators can carry out the application.

Solutions for all types of Problems and Sectors


At RODATOR we are authorized distributors of BELZONA, we offer solutions for a wide variety of industries, including power generation, marine, petrochemical, water and wastewater treatment and general industry.

CWhen equipment and structures in any industry require predictive or corrective maintenance, we analyze all the determining factors to find an optimal, customized and effective single solution, with the objective of minimizing downtime to the maximum.

Water Treatment

Harmful materials, chemical compounds and microorganisms extracted from water during treatment processes create extremely hostile environments for the operating equipment and its structure. We provide technologically advanced compounds, without deviating from the relevant environmental regulations.


Always at the forefront of innovation and advancement in industrial repair, protection and maintenance solutions, at Rodator we continue to meet environmental requirements and thanks to Belzona products where international quality standards are adapted to a proactive approach to ensure that their practices avoid harming people, society and the environment, while continuing to provide high quality products, performance and service excellence to our customers.


ISO 9001 Certification ER-0272/2007

Advantages and Benefits

Our simple, safe and effective solutions allow us to be present in demanding projects, providing benefits rarely found in other materials and always ensuring that our customers’ production goals are met with the highest performance possible.

NOur wide range of products not only combat the challenges faced, but also provide protection against possible future damage.

High performance products with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates

Rapid return to service of the intervened equipment, minimizing downtime as much as possible.

Improved safety by allowing cold and in-situ work with solvent-free materials, even in explosive atmospheres.

Some of our clients

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