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Transformer leaks are often caused by degraded gaskets or holes as a result of corrosion and impact on radiator fins or steel tanks. These leaks often feature slow drips, but large volumes of oil can be lost over time and a significant and environmentally damaging amount can leak out.

If this fault occurs, it can cause a short circuit in the transformer and present serious problems for both health and safety. These hazards, along with isolated transformer locations, make inspection, repair, and maintenance challenging.

Al utilizar los materiales para reconstrucciones de emergencia de la serie 1200 de Belzona, las reparaciones pueden llevarse a cabo de manera rápida e in situ. Esto se traduce en que no es necesario drenar el aceite del transformador.

Belzona Maintenance

Transformer maintenance is essential for the efficient operation of electric power companies. Equipment deterioration can cause oil leaks affecting the surrounding environment. Therefore, problems must be resolved quickly to avoid further complications.

Fast-setting, surface-tolerant materials bond strongly to oily or wet metal surfaces. These low temperature applied materials also eliminate the need for hot work and are designed to be easy and safe to use.

As we have already said, certain surfaces may have little adhesion to make an application. However, raw surface tolerant Belzona solutions can plug and seal transformer leaks quickly and with a long life. They resist a wide range of chemicals and provide excellent corrosion protection.

Emergency sealing for transformer leaks

Belzona Features

  • Fraguado rápido: para reparaciones rápidas, Belzona 1212 ofrece una opción de fraguado rápido, incluso con temperaturas de hasta 5 grados.
  • Surface Tolerant – These systems show excellent adhesion when applied directly to oily, wet, or hand-prepared surfaces.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Outstanding protection against corrosion on metal substrates, ensuring durability in service and avoiding unnecessary maintenance.
  • Experience: These systems have a proven track record in many sectors, such as oil and gas, and other energy sectors.

In the following video you will see a practical example of an on-site repair of an oil leak in a transformer, carried out by our team;


Ante cualquier situación de emergencia, póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo técnico a través de rodator@rodator.com y le asesoraremos.

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