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Epoxy resin is one of the most popular materials for industrial coatings, mainly because it offers numerous benefits, not only in terms of its ease and speed of application. And we are talking about a very versatile material that simplifies the processes of renovating spaces. Do you want to know all the advantages of epoxy resin flooring? Keep reading! Goodbye to works and production stoppages The treatment to apply epoxy resin on industrial coatings does not require expensive works or that paralyze work, something especially important in commercial areas such as parking lots, industrial warehouses or leisure centers. For example, since expansion joints are not required, the epoxy resin is placed directly on the pavement to be treated. In short, it is an ideal solution to renovate considerable dimensions in the shortest possible time. The drying time, for example, does not exceed 8 hours, being able to walk on the pavement only 24 hours after application. Ideal for environments with corrosive agents Epoxy resin allows you to create floors with the most varied finishes on the existing pavement, but the common denominator of these polymeric industrial coatings is durability (when mixed with the catalyst, it reacts by hardening and does not deform with heat). So are the gloss and chemical resistance, much higher than other coatings. Therefore, we are talking about an extraordinary finish, both in functional and aesthetic terms. Epoxy resin flooring, also in homes Although epoxy resin has always been used in industrial and commercial environments, given its unique benefits, its use in homes and offices is becoming more and more common. And it is that it has enormous decorative possibilities, thanks to the variety of its finishes and colors, but also to its non-slip effect. In addition, with the epoxy resin floor, smooth finishes are achieved effortlessly. And since the thickness is minimal, larger visual effects are created in smaller spaces. As you can see, epoxy resin floors have innumerable advantages and benefits. So if you are looking for an adhesive compound that meets your specific needs, at Rodator we have a wide variety of highly versatile Belzona repair resins and industrial and domestic coatings that will meet your expectations 100%. Contact us!

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