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When floors deteriorate from abrasion, impact, chemicals and other damage, the complications and cost of floor repair are often prohibitive. Also, using the same material (concrete, usually) to replace the damaged substrate seems like it doesn’t make much sense as it leaves the surface susceptible to the same damage happening again. This does not seem like the most efficient and economical solution. Not to mention the time it takes to set (28 days), which forces a period of forced inactivity.

Concrete and masonry are both critical to the construction of buildings and structures around the world. Still, as they are porous materials, they are vulnerable to the ingress of liquids combined with freeze-thaw cycles, and other damage mechanisms. Along with environmental attack, this can lead to deterioration and potential problems such as crumbling or cracking of the masonry and spalling in the concrete.

Belzona 4000 Series

The Belzona 4000 Series has various floor repair compounds for coating, rebuilding and protecting concrete and masonry. It can also be used as a mortar or adhesive, and offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasion and impact.

Belzona materials offer a number of benefits that far exceed concrete repairs, both in terms of application and effectiveness. It is important to note that these are non-porous solutions, which prevents the penetration of moisture. Eliminates the threat of carbonation and freeze-thaw cycle spalling associated with concrete and masonry.

In addition to excellent adhesion, these materials have shown more tensile strength than concrete, which makes them much better at resisting impacts and abrasions.

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