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When we talk about the food industry, safety and hygiene in food handling, as well as packaging, come to mind. It is vital that safety and hygiene measures are strictly adhered to in this type of industry to guarantee the health of workers and consumers. At Rodator we are committed to the care and repair of materials and places where some care must be taken. The coatings we offer guarantee everything you can look for in them. Our products also offer a metal repair for the indicated industries.

Trust the best brand

At Rodator we are authorized distributors of Belzona, one of the leading brands in terms of coatings. It has a multitude of types of protective and repairing liquids indicated for all types of aggressive conditions to which surfaces are subjected. In addition, its formula allows it to be easily applied, thus avoiding possible errors that may reduce its effectiveness. In addition, the duration of these liquids is very long, so you can forget in a long time about having to cover everything again.

We offer solutions for various types of industries, including the steel industry, pulp and paper mills, power generation, petrochemicals, environments that work and handle water and wastewater, and we even offer coatings for maritime installations.

If you need more information or advice because you need to purchase our products, do not hesitate to contact Rodator. You can also have our professionals to carry out the tasks of applying the products on the surfaces. We have extensive experience in the sector, so you can be sure that we only offer you the best quality and excellent services.