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Those of us who know how to repair a metal gear are aware of how important quality is in the production and manufacture of this type of part.

And it is that not carrying out adequate machining and careful preparation in the hardening phase (which is the thermal procedure by which steel and cast iron alloys harden) will result in unusable gears.

So, what does a correct manufacture of metal gears depend on? How are they made? From Rodator, we detail the answer.

How is the manufacture of metal gears carried out?

There is no doubt that choosing the right and precise gear machining tools and method is imperative for best results. At this point, the type of piece, the production process or the size of the lot will condition this choice.

However, this sector is enormously changing. Let us take into account the drastic changes that have been introduced in recent years in the gear machining process, among other reasons, due to the dizzying advance of technology (electric vehicles, new transmission designs, etc.).

Towards more flexible and productive machining processes

To achieve a machining process of these characteristics, the industry is already beginning to dispense with conventional gear machining machine tools, and is beginning to focus on multi-task gear/spline machining.

Power skiving, for example, will take center stage in this regard, as it eliminates the need for multiple specialized machines. Consequently, the restrictions derived from machine changes disappear.

Requirements to get quality gears

Our specialists, who know how to repair a metal gear of any nature, warn that the quality of the gear depends not only on the part or the area of ​​application. It is also subject to requirements such as the tools – which must be of the highest quality -, the correct cleaning of the contact surface, a stable clamping, as well as optimum precision in the machinery to be used.

At Rodator, we provide the highest quality services for the mechanical engineering sector, as well as the supply of metal components, equipment and the application of composites for the general industry. Call us!

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