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How long does epoxy resin flooring last? As specialists in industrial coatings, at Rodator we insist on the extraordinary benefits offered by epoxy resin for floors of all kinds, whether in the industrial or domestic sphere. And it is that in addition to being quick and easy to apply, it has a very long useful life. Let’s keep in mind that in addition to offering resistance to corrosive chemical elements and very high temperatures, epoxy flooring lasts longer than other materials. But how long does the epoxy resin floor last? In the following lines we detail the answer. Epoxy: the most resistant material Epoxy is made from resin and a hardener, clinging to the surface by penetrating into the pores of the surface and chemically bonding with materials such as wood, glass, concrete, and marble. Therefore, the essential condition for full adhesion is its use on industrial flooring made of porous materials. This makes epoxy resin incompatible with metal surfaces, for example. Clarified this point, let’s get to the point: how long does the epoxy resin floor last once the product is poured? Well, as long as it is properly maintained, it can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. The explanation for this length of section is that, depending on certain factors, the time that the pavement will remain intact may be affected. What affects the useful life of epoxy resin floors? Constant traffic, both by people and machinery, can wear down the surface faster. In addition, the industry where they are applied also influences their duration. For example, on the floors of chemical plants where spills occur, the performance of the epoxy resin may be affected in the long term, although we are talking about a material that is resistant to many chemical and corrosive products. However, it is susceptible to wear. Other elements such as constant exposure to UV rays can erode the epoxy surface, degrading the coating that, over the years, generates a chalk-like dust, decreasing its thickness and useful life. Maintenance: the key to lengthening our epoxy flooring To keep an epoxy resin floor in perfect condition and extend its initial properties, it is important to take into account certain maintenance issues. In this sense, it is convenient: First, sweep the floor and mop to remove solid remains, then apply pressurized water. Avoid using rough scouring pads or brushes to clean. Using a soft cloth is the best alternative. Use scrubbing machines with suction. Apply, when required, high-quality wax especially for this type of floor, in order to preserve the shine and original appearance of the floor. Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair resins and very versatile industrial coatings that cover the needs of each floor. Contact us and check it out!

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