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In the industrial coatings sector, epoxy resin is one of the most popular materials. And it is that finishes of amazing transparency, brightness and durability are achieved. But one of the most notable advantages of epoxy resin is its ability to cover large surfaces. In this sense, the user can also enjoy real cost savings. But how much does a kilo of belzona epoxy resin cover and how do you work with it? Let’s see it! This is how you work with epoxy resin The epoxy resin is catalyzed at room temperature by adding hardener in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer. For example, 100/60 indicates 100 grams of resin, to which 60 grams of catalyst must be added. After mixing, the solution is shaken for a few minutes to remove air bubbles. How is epoxy resin applied? It is best to apply the resin on horizontal surfaces or with slight inclinations, spreading it with a trowel or spatula to achieve a uniform result. Last steps: hardening The final hardness point will be obtained 24 hours after said application, although to obtain perfect curing it is recommended that the treated piece not be handled or used until 7 days after the treatment has been applied. How much does a kilo of epoxy resin cover? How much does a kilo of epoxy resin cover? This is one of the most frequent doubts that we receive from customers. To give a detailed answer, we always refer to the technical sheet of each product. And it is that each resin has a different performance and technical characteristics. The maximum thickness allowed by the resin is also taken into account to maintain the transparency of the product when applying it to surfaces of different sizes. However, in general terms, in epoxy resins with a 100% solid composition, the yield is 1 kg/m². For 1 mm thick layers, this type of resin can reach a maximum of 5 mm while maintaining full transparency. Do you want to correctly calculate the amount of resin you need to use? Based on the performance, thickness and surface to be treated, at Rodator we can help you determine how much a kilo of epoxy resin covers for your project. Contact us!