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Especially in aquatic environments or where humidity is concentrated, it is essential to have industrial coatings that prevent the oxidation of structures. The best example as an element to protect in this sense are swimming pools. How to prevent its oxidation? Take note! Say goodbye to oxidation in your pool To avoid and minimize the oxidative effect of metals and other surfaces susceptible to this type of corrosion, the best protective formulas must include water-based and/or solvent-free industrial coatings that are also highly elastic, have excellent adhesion on metal surfaces in order to inhibit the oxidation of the metal in critical areas. Comprehensive protection of all metallic elements And although most pool ladders are made of stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rust stains, this protection and maintenance “plus” ensures that rust never appears. In addition, there are countless elements that also require protection against oxidation, such as screws, drains, etc. Concrete pools, how to protect them? On the other hand, when we talk about concrete pools, for example, which is the most common material with which they are built, the reinforced membrane is the most popular coating. And it is that this protective solution is waterproofing, but also decorative. It is made up of two flexible sheets of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), providing total sealing and a long useful life to the elements that make up the pool. Do not forget the basic maintenance and cleaning tasks Finally, we insist that these protections must be combined with proper maintenance and cleaning of the pool to get the most out of the product. Are you looking for an effective and easy-to-apply formula that adjusts to the needs of your surface, also in wet or watery environments? At Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair and protection resins. Likewise, we have a qualified team that knows in depth the thermoplastic industrial coatings market, as well as its application and maintenance. Consequently, we can cover the requirements of each project. Contact us!

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