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As specialists in the application of all kinds of industrial coatings, in this post we are going to talk about a material that, being used mainly outdoors, requires special protection. How to protect concrete professionally? Keep reading! Why does concrete require special protection? Concrete is a fundamental structure in the construction of buildings and other construction projects. But its protection is an important task precisely to maintain structural integrity. And it is that although concrete is a durable and resistant material, it is exposed to aggressive and corrosive elements, being able to suffer damage in the form of cracks, landslides or spills. To ensure that the material remains “whole” over time, specialists in industrial coatings recommend, among other solutions, thermoplastic acrylic resins, which not only offer maximum protection, but also guarantee extraordinary aesthetic benefits. This type of coatings and sheets, in addition, not only provide an additional protective layer to prevent erosion, but also prolong the useful life of the construction element. How can we protect concrete? There are several ways to protect concrete from weather and other damage. These include the application of special ductile and corrosion resistant thermoplastic linings, the use of high quality plastic sheets or the combination of the advantages of these two options. We add that industrial coatings for concrete are easy to apply and maintain, offering a long duration and maximum resistance. High-quality plastic sheeting, for example, offers superior weather resistance than other solutions. They easily adhere to concrete to provide additional strength and durability. Plus, they can be easily trimmed to fit the desired shape or size. This means that they can be used to protect a wide variety of surfaces. Are you looking for an adhesive compound that meets the needs of your surface? At Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair and protection resins, but also all kinds of thermoplastic industrial coatings. Consequently, we are able to meet the requirements of each project. Contact us!

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