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Gears are mechanisms that allow the transformation of energy or movement into power, and are formed by a crown and a pinion, two toothed wheels of different sizes. This mechanism is used to generate propulsion and movement, so its use is very common in engines and various mechanical systems. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown, a solution must be found as soon as possible. But how to repair a metal gear? We give you the answer. 


Applications and uses of gears 

Steel industry, mining, automotive manufacturing lines, maritime, petrochemical industry… The sectors and areas in which you can find machines using different types of gears are really disparate due to their high performance. 

Choosing the right type of gear is critical to avoid downtime and costly repairs in any industrial environment. And although there are countless options, metal gears are among the most commonly used. The efficiency of these mechanisms is determined by several factors, such as design, contact force, resistance to bending or vibration generated by the various couplings. For this reason, knowing how to repair a metal gear is essential in the event of any mishap.

Repairing a metal gear

Equipment and structures in any industry require predictive or corrective maintenance, and at Rodator we are aware of this. Our team of professionals analyzes all the determining factors to find a unique, customized and effective optimal solution to metal gear failures or any other breakdown that may arise. The goal is to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Our simple, safe and effective solutions allow us to be present in demanding projects, always ensuring that production targets are met. In addition, our wide range of products not only combat the challenges that arise, but also provide protection against possible future damage.

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