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Do you want to discover the best ally in the repair of water storage tanks?

These types of containers are susceptible to damage from corrosion, erosion and chemical attack along the periphery of the base and below it. For this reason, the use of high resistance adhesives such as epoxy resins is essential to maintain and repair these containers.

Tank lining

To avoid substitutions of industrial equipment, Belzona is applied to both old and new tanks for preventive purposes. It works by adhering to any rigid surface with a flexible seal and is specially formulated to work on construction materials such as metal, concrete or FRP.

How to protect storage tanks?

These resins are used for the repair and protection of storage tanks thanks, among other things, to their system, which includes a microporous reinforcement fabric. This quality allows the substrate to breathe and the trapped moisture to escape to the outside. As a result, water stays out and corrosion of the container is prevented.

Seal storage tanks: how to do it?

As tanks settle, pathways for water ingress are created primarily through failure of the linings. In this sense, corrosion problems translate into high costs, downtime, driving errors or damage to the environment. To avoid them, Belzona products achieve:

  • Seal the base of the storage tank, protecting it against erosion and corrosion of the materials.
  • Ensure immediate leak sealing and plate bonding, thanks to low-temperature bonding, eliminating the need for hot work and thus ensuring safe and effective maintenance.
  • Restore secondary containment areas.
  • Resist against chemical action, impact and compression.
  • Speed up application and as a result reduce downtime as they can be easily applied by brush or spray equipment.

Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona compounds for the repair of storage tanks. So if you need a highly resistant protective material that reduces downtime and extends the useful life of your work tools, contact us.

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