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Hydropower is a substantial source of renewable electricity. Your plants can operate for several decades if maintained efficiently and to high standards.

The components for the storage and management of water are the heart of a hydroelectric plant. Made up of forced ducts, moving guide vanes, turbines and intake valves. When abrupt changes in water flow occur, the performance of these components can be adversely affected.

Replacing this equipment can lead to long downtime and, if some traditional repair methods are used, these problems can reappear.

Belzona has decades of experience in the maintenance of equipment in the hydroelectric industry. Throughout its history, it has supplied a wide range of quick and easy-to-apply repair and maintenance solutions. Plus, safer and cheaper compared to traditional methods such as welding or part replacement.

Belzona solutions can be applied on-site and solve problems in a variety of hydropower areas, including but not limited to:

Hydroelectric plant scheme


Typical Problems: Deterioration of guide vane blades; erosion, corrosion and cavitation in guide vanes.

Soluciones Posibles: Los materiales compuestos por 100% de sólidos de la serie 1000 de Belzona se emplean en la reconstrucción y el recubrimiento de los álabes directrices a fin de protegerlos contra la erosión y la corrosión. Las soluciones elastoméricas de la serie 2000 de Belzona proporcionan resistencia contra la abrasión y la cavitación.


Typical Problems: Internal and external corrosion of the forced duct and the spiral chamber. Corrosion and wear of pipe support areas.

Possible Solutions: Belzona 1000 Series 100% Solids Composites can be used to rebuild the forced duct to its original profile and dimensions without hot work or substrate deformation. Series 1000 cold applied materials help ensure a high degree of adhesion in cold welding pipe supports, while eliminating metal-to-metal contact and preventing future corrosion. Belzona’s 5000 series of environmental solutions offers internal and external protection for metal surfaces.


Typical Problems: Damage and loss of valve shaft diameter; erosion and corrosion of the valve body, disc and gasket.

Possible Solutions: Belzona 1000 Series 100% Solids Composites can be used in rebuilding the valve shaft to restore its original diameter. Consequently, Belzona 2000 series elastomers can be used to coat metals where durability, elasticity, and high resistance to abrasion and tear are required.

Belzona hydropower solutions


Typical Problems: Cavitation erosion in Francis and Kaplan turbine impellers. Erosion and impact on Pelton turbine buckets. Corrosion and erosion in the turbine housing. Erosion of the nozzle head in turbines.

Possible Solutions: Firstly, Belzona 1000 series liquid and paste materials are used to rebuild and protect equipment, provide excellent erosion protection and improve liquid flow efficiency. Belzona’s 2000 Series 100% solids cold-applied elastomers provide high resistance to cavitation and are designed for applications in confined spaces. Belzona’s 5000 series of environmental solutions offers internal and external protection for metal surfaces.


Typical Problems: Sealant failure between bolted flanges, leading to SF6 gas leakage.

Possible Solutions: First, Belzona’s 1000 series 100% solids paste and liquid materials can be used on surfaces with minimal preparation and can seal gaskets and flanges while protecting against corrosion. As a result, Belzona’s 2000 Series cold-applied 100% solids flexible elastomers can be used to seal equipment leaks.


Problemas Típicos: Fugas de aceite y de SF6, y daño de bridas, juntas, aislamiento y aletas del transformador.

Possible Solutions: Belzona 1000 series 100% solids paste materials can be used on surfaces with minimal preparation and can be used to stop active oil and SF6 leaks and permanently seal them. Belzona 5000 Series Liquid Barrier Materials can be used to protect against corrosion and chemical attack.

Dam, spillway and buffer pond

Typical Problems: Support surface damage, cracking and detachment of the concrete substrate due to environmental impact, water penetration, and freeze-thaw cycles

Possible Solutions: Erosion deterioration of concrete surfaces can be repaired with Magma Quartz 4000 series non-porous solutions. They offer fast and long-lasting repairs for damaged concrete, especially in areas of extreme wear such as blocks. of impact.


Typical Problems: Damage and risk of slipping on floors, damage to concrete structures due to the action of weather, slippery traffic areas and roof leaks.

Soluciones Posibles: Las membranas flexibles de la serie 3000 de Belzona ofrecen impermeabilización y protección contra factores climáticos en techos y componentes de techos. Así como los materiales Magma Quartz de la serie 4000 de Belzona proporcionan un sistema antideslizante de seguridad y resistencia al deslizamiento en las instalaciones. Los materiales líquidos para barrera ambiental de la serie 5000 protegen suelos y estructuras contra la corrosión, la acción del clima y las sustancias químicas.

Belzona Hydroelectric Power

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