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Do you want to know the applications of Belzona industrial epoxy resin and what benefits it offers to users who opt for it for their flooring? As specialists in industrial coating work, we detail all the keys. Pay attention! Why bet on industrial epoxy resin? Industrial epoxy resin provides one of the most durable, easy to clean and strong finishes that can be applied. And in addition to these particularities, it offers very aesthetic results for the pavement. It is not surprising that this compound is the most requested for work in professional garages, transport companies and large parking centers, although more and more users in the domestic sphere require industrial epoxy resin, for example, for paints and interior and exterior furniture finishes, such as wood protection, etc. What other benefits does it offer for the industry? Resistance to abrasive and chemical products, as well as to impacts, chipping and stains (including gasoline, industrial oils and caustic products) remaining as new much longer. By presenting a shiny and aesthetic appearance for a long time, it facilitates better cleaning and even sanitization of the surface, making it an ideal industrial coating for the food or pharmaceutical sector. Acts as a topical sealer, completely covering floor imperfections. And it is that it provides a level surface without fissures, cracks or scratches. Avoid other problems associated with industrial activity, such as dust accumulation. Therefore, particles in work environments are drastically reduced. It supports the use of heavy machinery, shining like the first day without the need for excessive maintenance. What is industrial epoxy resin? We can define industrial epoxy resin as an artificial thermosetting polymer that is obtained from the in situ molecular union of various elements. This is where its extraordinary resistance and insulating capacity reside. Likewise, by adding the catalyst, the epoxy resin hardens and cures with molecular bonds, such as spider web -a natural polymer-, nylon -an artificial one-, or Kevlar – a synthetic para-aramid fiber with thermal resistance. -. The result is strength that starts at the microscopic level and goes where other materials can’t. In short, industrial epoxy resin flooring is a success if you want to save on costs and maintenance in the long term. Are you looking for an adhesive compound tailored to your needs? At Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair resins and industrial coatings that cover the needs of each project. Contact us!

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