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High-performance, fast-setting system for repairing wind turbine blades

Belzona 5711 is a high performance, easy to apply system specially designed for the repair of erosion and impact damage to the leading edges of wind turbine blades.

Available in cartridge format, making it easy to apply to the point where it is ideal for applicators who must access the area to be repaired using a rope system.

wind turbine blades

This product offers good pot life, allowing it to be accurately contoured on the leading edge. In this way, the steps of the repair process are reduced by eliminating the need for subsequent sanding.

Belzona 5711 sets quickly and allows direct application of Belzona 5721 in 30 minutes at 20 degrees with no preparation required. Together, they offer a durable repair and protection solution for turbine blades, minimizing downtime and maximizing the production of your equipment.


Key Benefits:

  • Easy to apply – Comes in cartridges for easy on-the-spot repair and is compatible with standard one-component caulk/sealant guns.
  • Safe to use: solvent free and low risk. The cartridge format eliminates the need to handle and mix individual components.
  • Wide application window: a single product, available for use at temperatures between 5ºC and 40ºC and with a relative humidity of up to 85%.
  • Fast setting: fast setting system that can be covered with a new layer in 30 minutes and sets completely in 60 minutes at 20ºC.
  • Long life – can accurately contour and eliminates the need for subsequent sanding, simplifying application.
  • High Erosion Resistance – The combination of Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721 can repair damage and provide long-lasting protection against impact deterioration and rain erosion.
Belzona 5711

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