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Chemical spills will corrode and deteriorate sumps and containment areas designed to contain them, resulting in potentially catastrophic consequences. The concrete repair can take 28 days to cure, which can lead to a long downtime. In the 1980’s Belzona magma polymers were first used for containment repairs. Its adhesion to concrete is stronger than the cohesive force of concrete. Magma polymers can solidify within a few hours and quickly reach their full chemical resistance properties in up to three days.

Protection of Containment Areas

As well as repairing deteriorated containment areas, Belzona can prevent the problem from occurring through the use of protective coatings. With a number of coatings formulated to resist different chemicals and different concentrations, Belzona can specify the right solution for every situation. Belzona 4000 Series coatings provide continuous protection and eliminate the risks of undetected delamination and corrosion of the underlying substrate. They adhere equally well to a variety of substrates including concrete, metals, tiles and other Belzona materials, offering a durable solution where other technologies have failed.

Wedges and Shims

Load-bearing floor areas, pedestals, and supports are damaged by impact, vibration, or chemical attack. Belzona epoxy-based repair materials adhere strongly to existing concrete, setting within hours and achieving full mechanical hardness shortly thereafter. Their high compressive strength, chemical and abrasion resistance, along with a simple application method, make them ideal for repairing damaged supports and pedestals, as well as fixing anchor bolts. Belzona 7111, a 100% solids pourable shim compound, was developed in 2014. This shock and vibration resistant system is ideal for pouring foundations for heavy equipment and for maintaining precise alignment under machinery, ensuring superior support. effective load.

roofing membranes

Movement, loading and weather can cause the roof protection to deteriorate. Belzona Liquid Applied 3000 Series Membranes can seal the entire roof or localized leak areas, and adhere to various substrates and geometries. The protection is continuous and moves compatible with the substrate, allowing for expansion and contraction. Emergency solutions are also available and can be applied directly to wet surfaces.

Floor systems

Concrete surfaces can be rebuilt using Belzona 4100 series fast setting magma polymers, which also provide excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and chemicals. Joint flanges and concrete are susceptible to deterioration caused by impact, thermal cycling, mechanical and chemical attack. Belzona 2000 series elastomers are used to recreate expansion joints, but allow even more movement due to their excellent elongation. Belzona 4400 Slip Reduction Systems incorporate durable, hard-wearing aggregates. Maintenance can be dispensed with for long periods of time. The system adheres to a range of surfaces, including concrete and steel, and will not easily wear away as a result of movement and impact.

Wall maintenance

Walls and chimneys that suffer from physical, bacterial and chemical attack, as well as water ingress, can be protected with Belzona 5000 series coatings. Our range of wallcoverings provide excellent UV protection and their smooth surfaces do not attract dirt; plus, it will “clean itself” during rain.

Contact us if you have problems in any of these matters. Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we have specific products for these repairs and we guarantee excellent results. After all, we are backed by more than 40 years of experience in the industrial maintenance sector.

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