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In industry, there are elements and equipment that are really indispensable for the manufacturing or processing of products, and conveyor belts are one of them. Therefore, a mechanical failure or problem must be solved as soon as possible. At Rodator we tell you what are the main breakdowns and how to repair a conveyor belt. 

Why do conveyor belts break down?

Main conveyor belt failures

  • Belt slippage: Too little or too much tension can affect performance. For example, if the pulley becomes worn, there is no longer an adequate amount of traction to grip the belt, resulting in excessive stretching or slippage of the conveyor.

  • Seized rollers: when rollers seize, they can develop sharp edges that cause the belt to ride unevenly. This poses a risk to workers and can also damage the materials or packages being conveyed. 

  • Blockages: The conveyor belt must ensure that materials move efficiently through it. However, a blockage can occur and paralyze its operation. 
    Material spillage: problems with material spillage are quite common, leading to blockages or accumulations that will have a domino effect and cause other complications later on.

  • Breakage due to impact: if the product being conveyed hits the belt with force, it can be damaged.

Rodator, expertos en reparar cintas transportadoras 

Do you need to repair a conveyor belt to ensure the productivity and performance of your business? At Rodator we offer durable, quality solutions for a wide range of industrial engineering and maintenance problems. For this we always have the best qualified team.


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