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Other Products

A selection of Belzona products that do not fit into the standard categorisation.

Other Products

(Liquid anode)

Belzona 6111

Epoxy coating to protect metal surfaces against environmental corrosion.

(Marine Grade)

Belzona 7111m

Specially designed to withstand the physical and thermal shock common in marine environments.

(Industrial Grade)

Belzona 7111i

Specially designed to withstand the physical and thermal shock common in industrial environments.


Belzona 7211

Epoxy-based system specifically designed as a deep pour grout for up to 20.5 cm (8 inch).

(HP Non-Stick)

Belzona 8211

A metal-free composite anti-seize compound that protects metal parts from shock and fretting caused by high temperatures, corrosion and chemical attack.

(Nato Liquid)

Belzona 8311

A lubrication system to promote penetration, lubrication, water removal and protect components against corrosion.

Flange Face Forming Kit

Belzona Flange Repair Kit

A repair kit containing all the parts necessary to effectively perform a Belzona flange face repair when used with a Belzona metal repair compound.


Leak Sealing Kit

Fast acting emergency kit containing all the materials and accessories needed to instantly seal low pressure leaks on site

Advantages and Benefits

Simple, safe and effective solutions allow us to help with demanding projects, so you need benefits rarely found elsewhere, including minimizing downtime, reducing health risks, safety and simple application techniques.

They reduce labor by eliminating the need for disassembly, welding, and post-weld heat treatment.

Reduce costs through better asset availability.

They enhance safety by allowing cold and in-place work with solvent-free materials.

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