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A big battle that property owners and operators face is protecting pipelines, maintaining their integrity. As main conduits for processed fluids, pipes are susceptible to corrosion, erosion, or mechanical damage. If these issues are not addressed in time, there is a high probability of environmental and safety incidents occurring and high costs incurred. The question of how to reduce this probability in the long term represents a great challenge for the industry.

Common causes of damage and deterioration to pipes, valves, and fittings can include freeze and impact damage, corrosion, erosion, and chemical attack. Belzona provides a wide range of cold-set repair compounds and epoxy-based dip coatings specifically designed to offer exceptional protection against erosion and corrosion, along with excellent chemical resistance.

Belzona pioneered an easy-to-spray pipe coating system that offers exceptional protection against erosion and corrosion. Replacing hard ceramic fillers with a thermoplastic filler mix ensures that there is little wear on the sprayed equipment. These coatings allow in situ rotary spray applications at a wet sheet thickness of more than 1200 microns without sag, providing effective coverage for girth welds and joints in a single layer.

Belzona coatings

These coatings can help you:

  • Reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Minimize downtime
  • Simplify maintenance procedures
  • Increase the useful life of assets

Sin solvente: los revestimientos contienen 100% de sólidos, no se contraen durante el fraguado y no representan riesgos para la salud y la seguridad.

Validada: la técnica de pulverización giratoria se ha perfeccionado para permitir aplicaciones más rápidas a costes más bajos.

Alto rendimiento: el sistema ofrece excelente adherencia, plazos breves para volver al servicio y larga duración.

Experiencia: los recubrimientos de Belzona son ampliamente utilizados por los gigantes de la industria del petróleo, gas, petroquímica, energía, marina y otras.

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