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1000 Series

Polymeric Metals

2000 Series

Elastomeric Polymers

3000 Series

Polymeric Membrane

4000 Series

Magma polymers

5000 Series

Environmental polymers


While erosion, corrosion and physical damage pose a threat to many industries, we understand that the real problems are downtime, decreased efficiency, profit and loss, and safety risks created by the root problem.

  • Metal repair/rebuilding compounds
  • Erosion corrosion protection
  • Rubber repair and protection
  • Abrasion resistant coatings
  • Molding/injection molding materials
  • Water and weatherproofing systems
  • High temperature coatings
  • Corrosion protection
  • Concrete protection
  • Safety gripping systems
  • Concrete repair
  • Shim materials

Advantages and Benefits

Our simple, safe and effective solutions allow us to be present in demanding projects, providing benefits rarely found in other materials and always ensuring that our customers’ production goals are met with the highest performance possible.

Our wide range of products not only combat the challenges faced, but also provide protection against possible future damage.

High performance products with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

Rapid return to service of the intervened equipment, minimizing downtime as much as possible.

Improved safety by allowing cold and in-situ work with solvent-free materials, even in explosive atmospheres.

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