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Continuing with the protection for tanks, in this post we will explain the sealing of tank bases. Due to adverse weather conditions or condensation, moisture can collect on the perimeter ring or advance under the tank base. This can lead to corrosion problems, leaks, or ultimately tank failure.

Sealant failure, adverse weather conditions, or condensation can lead to tank base corrosion, leaks, and ultimately total tank failure. To combat this, Belzona formulated a tank base sealing system consisting of liquids applied in conjunction with a reinforcing sheet. Like a membrane, the system possesses a unique breathable characteristic. The liquid cannot penetrate the membrane. However, steam escapes freely, allowing the base seal to remain dry. The system remains flexible in service and adapts to thermal expansion under load, while offering excellent UV resistance.

Tank roofs are susceptible to rapid deterioration from the corrosive vapor of the storage medium, exacerbated by external forces. Roof damage can be safely repaired on site, eliminating the need to degas and drain the tank.

Chemical Storage Tank Linings

Tank walls can also suffer from corrosion and leaky welds. Belzona repairs can be carried out in-line with the use of cold bonded duplicator plates or with a reinforced composite system. Cold bonding techniques can be used not only for repairs, but also for track bonding, pipe support and other assemblies.

Spray-applied, corrosion-resistant epoxy coatings provide easy-to-clean surfaces and long-term corrosion protection for external tank surfaces.

Tank Protection

Belzona solutions helps to:

  • Reduce environmental damage
  • Minimize downtime
  • Eliminate security issues
  • Increase the useful life of assets

A flexible membrane combined with a backing sheet encapsulates the circumference of the tank base while allowing residual moisture to pass through its microporous structure.

Waterproof and weather resistant: prevents water seepage, resists UV rays and tolerates movement caused by climatic variations.

Seamless and microporous: seals around uneven contours and dissimilar substrates, allows trapped moisture to escape. High Performance – Offers excellent adhesion, quick return to service, and long service life.

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