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At Rodator we have specific products to repair rubber guaranteed for their excellent results, thanks to our experience of more than 4 decades in medium, long-lasting and quality solutions for industrial maintenance.

The team of technical professionals in our organization is responsible for providing you with the personalized advice you need, as well as supplying you with the most suitable materials to repair the rubber of a conveyor belt or any other flexible component. We know how to repair broken rubber, widely used in industrial conveyor belts so that they can function properly again over time.

We work with flexible and resistant polyurethane elastomers capable of providing a quick solution when it comes to repairing rubber that prolongs the useful life of very different industrial equipment, since they are very versatile and solve problems of various types of machinery, such as conveyor belts.


We repair your rubber conveyor belt

At Rodator we know how to repair a conveyor belt using a specific adhesive that, applied correctly, allows lasting correction of any damage suffered by the conveyor belt and accessories for conveyor belts. In this way, we ensure that our clients’ production infrastructures are fully operational with the utmost diligence. This is a great benefit as there are no prolonged stops and with a lower cost than it would be to replace the conveyor belt with a new one.

Belzona 2000 Series products include Belzona 2311 (SR Elastomer) and Belzona 2211 (MP Hi-Build Elastomer), which are duo-component polyurethane resins designed to quickly repair, rebuild and coat rubber and metal components. . These have been designed, among other options, to repair a conveyor belt, since this is an element used by very different industrial sectors dedicated to the manufacture, handling and assembly of countless products, these products meet the needs of many companies.


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