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The constant saline spray and the impact of the waves create the perfect conditions for erosion and corrosion in the splash areas of offshore platforms. Riser tubes and platform legs, for example, can be seriously damaged due to continuous exposure to the erosive nature of the marine environment. Salt spray can also reach equipment and machines on offshore platforms. This can be exacerbated by process conditions, as in the case of hot pipes.

If not addressed early, the damage can lead to high repair and replacement costs. Costly downtime, and environmental complications. A complete deck may require repair or replacement after years of corrosion.

Repair solutions

Hay varios sistemas disponibles que han sido diseñados para reparar daños en las áreas de salpicadura y en las estructuras marítimas. Generalmente, los procedimientos de reparación implican tareas en caliente, lo cual tiene sus problemas y limitaciones. El reemplazo de partes o la provisión de abrazaderas hechas a medida para áreas donde la integridad estructural se vea comprometida también puede ser una opción viable. Sin embargo, estas soluciones suelen ser costosas y su implementación requiere mucho tiempo. Esto, en ocasiones, puede impulsar a los jefes de mantenimiento a utilizar materiales de reparación provisorios (coberturas o pinturas comunes).

Although the work is done, these methods do not offer a definitive long-term solution that does not force the suspension of normal operation of the equipment or minimize future maintenance costs. Due to the nature of the activity and the high income at stake, the owners of this type of equipment look for repair alternatives:

  • That they do not compromise the flow of work.
  • That they maintain the integrity of the facility.
Maritime platform scheme

Belzona on-site solutions for splash zones and marine structures

In response to the need for permanent solutions that are not too expensive and that can be completed with minimal disruption to operations, Belzona developed a range of systems that allow for on-site operations. Surface tolerant coatings and repair materials, for example, are capable of displacing contaminants and strongly adhering to wet substrates. Belzona adhesives can be used as an alternative to conventional welding. For example, to restore structural integrity and allow cold application in place of plates and equipment without the need for hot work.

Last but not least; elastomeric materials are ideal for sealing and repair applications of damaged rubber substrates.

From coatings and pit fillers to wrapping and cold plate welding, Belzona offers customized solutions. All have been extensively tested and proven to last in service. Ease and safety in application make Belzona materials the preferred choice for marine equipment repair. Pre-made kits can be stored on board and used when needed for leak sealing, flange repairs, and other routine maintenance needs. For complex projects, Belzona offers comprehensive training, supervision and inspection services, provided by inspectors qualified by NACE and FROSIO.

En resumen, las empresas de petróleo y gas eligen las soluciones de Belzona para las plataformas marítimas porque:

  • Reduce capital spending.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Improve efficiency and safety.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Simplify maintenance procedures.
  • Extends the useful life of machinery and equipment.

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