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The unique combination of the SuperWrap II repair system ensures a simple and fast application. 100% solids resin, a carbon fiberglass backing sheet, and a compression film that can remain maintenance free for up to 20 years.

Engineering Systems

It is one of the strongest compound wrap and patch repair systems on the market. Its shear bond actually increases during service. Repairs can be designed and completed in accordance with ASME PCC-2 or ISO 24817 standards.

A major battle that owners and operators face is maintaining pipeline integrity. As main conduits for processed fluids, pipes are susceptible to corrosion, erosion, or mechanical damage. If these issues are not addressed in time, there is a high probability of environmental and safety incidents occurring and high costs incurred. The question of how to reduce this probability in the long term represents a great challenge for the industry.

Historically, damaged pipes were repaired by cutting the affected section and replacing it with a new welded section. This requires production to be stopped and involves hot tasks that can lead to metallurgical problems, risks to personnel safety and serious problems for the environment.

Therefore, coatings and composites manufacturers around the world have been developing new repair technologies that prevent hot work and downtime, improve safety, and protect goods from corrosion for a long time. Composite repairs have gained greater acceptance as they offer a durable and affordable technological solution that is also easy to apply and therefore saves time. Because of this, this cold-set wrapping system designed for pipe repair has been developed.

Belzona SuperWrap II

The SuperWrap II repair system consists of a polymeric binder and a fiber reinforcement. The fiber reinforcement provides structural strength to the polymer, and the polymer offers corrosion resistance and adhesion to the substrate. Once incorporated into the polymer, the glass and carbon fiber sheet provides resistance to repair.

Belzona SuperWrap II Repair System

As we have already mentioned, traditional welding carries more risks and worse results. The SuperWrap repair system is much safer, less time consuming and more effective. Composite repairs can be considered a permanent type repair system.

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