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Have you heard of high temperature resistant epoxy resins? In other posts we have talked about the general properties of epoxy resins.

And it is that this adhesive for structures to which the engineering sector frequently resorts, is also an extraordinary solution for all types of coatings, where industries such as electronics and food, including maritime or construction cannot do without its advantages.

But what temperatures is this versatile material capable of withstanding? In the following lines we detail all the answers.

Epoxy resin: what are its temperature limits?

In general, epoxy resin withstands prolonged temperatures of up to 45ºC, and up to 70ºC if the exposure is occasional. This is the case of the resins used for DIY.

However, any temperature between 20°C and 90°C (68 – 195 Fahrenheit) can cause changes in the molecular structure of this material. Consequently, the resin softens and distorts, losing its initial hardness (similar to that of glass).

Resins specially formulated to withstand heat

Of course, there are already epoxy resins resistant to high temperatures, which withstand up to 315°C without wearing out and without losing their initial properties.

Uses of epoxy resin designed for high temperatures

As you can see, depending on the properties and elements that make up the resin, we will give it different applications. Therefore, it is best to consult the type of resin that best suits your needs.

However, landing on the specific uses that we can give to the epoxy resin designed to withstand high temperatures, we must take into account the protection of surfaces capable of withstanding intensive use and that have a high resistance to heat and corrosive elements. In this sense, we can apply epoxy resin to cover floors, warehouses or garages. Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona epoxy repair compounds that meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Do you need a highly resistant protective material? Contact us!

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