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Is there an anti-erosion treatment for industries that really protects metallic elements against corrosion in the long term? Devices as important to the activity as vacuum pumps, rotors or pump impellers can be seriously damaged, negatively affecting production, if we do not have specific protection formulas, not to mention the costs associated with possible repairs or substitutions.

In this sense, Belzona epoxy coatings simplify these maintenance tasks to the maximum, reduce the need to replace parts, protect the equipment against erosion and, ultimately, extend the useful life of the machinery. What specific capacities does this industrial protector have and why can certain sectors not do without it?

The star solution against the erosion of metal surfaces

Repair, protect and enhance – these are the pillars on which Belzona products stand. But landing in activities that use metallic elements such as centrifugal pumps, butterfly valves, gas scrubbers or process tanks, Belzona 1321 cannot be missing. This solvent free epoxy coating is specially formulated to prevent erosion and corrosion of rigid metal surfaces such as these.

What benefits does it bring?

In addition to its protective properties and long shelf life, Belzona 1321 exhibits strong adhesion to any rigid surface, be it steel, copper, aluminum or glass reinforced plastic.

On the other hand, this anti-erosion treatment for industries has a high resistance to compression, therefore, it fits perfectly to the element to be protected.

Properties and mode of use

It is easily mixed and used, not requiring the help of special tools for its application. We will only need a brush or injection gun for it.

It is a very safe product with thermal and fire-retardant insulating properties.

Do you need simple, safe, versatile and effective protection for your metal surfaces? At Rodator, as specialists in anti-erosion treatments for industries, we provide all the Belzona solutions you need to keep any type of industrial surface looking like new. Call us!

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