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Treatment Effectiveness Pumps

Belzona polymers not only repair, they also protect new equipment.

Recent application of our product Belzona 1341 in an efficiency improvement treatment on new pumps at the manufacturer’s request, with fantastic results.

Workshop Floor Repair

Repair of a Dynamic Equipment workshop floor for a refinery.

The final coating application was carried out by Rodator using Belzona 5231 green for the floor and yellow for the marking lines. The total area of screed protected with Belzona was 800 m2, with exceptional results.

Anti-erosion Treatment

Carried out for a hopper cone, for the processing of a paper mill. Each stage of the paper manufacturing process subjects machinery and equipment to extremely hostile environments.

To ensure that this equipment always meets its production targets with the highest performance,  Belzona 1321, ceramic coating has been applied, which protects the equipment from both heavy erosion and chemical attack.

Recovery of propulsion blades

Spectacular recovery of propulsion bow blades in poor condition, by applying Belzona 1111 putty and Belzona SuperWrap.

The final coating is made with Belzona 1341. The repair is approved by the propulsion blade manufacturer (Voith).

HVAC Yacht Protection

Corrosion protection of the tube plate of a yacht heat exchanger for the supply of hot water to the yacht.

HVAC equipment is susceptible to severe corrosion damage. Without good maintenance, the equipment decreases in efficiency and service life, and replacement costs are very high.  The application of the Belzona 1391T coating was carried out on site with minimal downtime.

Aircraft Cooling Equipment Blade Recovery

Repair and coating of refinery overhead cooling equipment blades, which can deteriorate over time. 

Thanks to Belzona we were able to re-attach them with various serie 1000 products.



Pump Repair

Repair of a split-chamber pump of a refinery fire-fighting equipment, severely damaged due to corrosion.

We applied Belzona 1111, a repair material that does not corrode and resists a wide range of chemicals. It is then coated with Belzona 1341, which improves pump efficiency by up to 20% by using hydrophobic technology to repel process fluids and reduce flow turbulence.

Wind Blade Coating

Application of Belzona 5721, a high performance coating specially formulated to protect wind turbine blades against erosion and impact damage.

It is easily applied by brush in a single coat, and with its low temperature curing technology ensures rapid return to turbine service. Safe to use, it is cold applied without the need for special tools or equipment.

Pipe rehabilitation

Reconstruction and abrasion protection of a severely damaged pipeline for a chemical plant.

The part was rebuilt both internally and externally with flange faces. We applied Belzona 1813, an abrasion resistant reinforcement for surfaces operating at elevated temperatures. It was reinforced with the SuperWrap II system and finally the Belzona 5892 corrosion resistant outer coating was applied. Efficiency and service life were increased.

Tank treatment

Application of a protective coating for a new storage tank.

The aim of the intervention is to isolate the metallic substrate from the contained solution in order to protect it from corrosion, thus extending the useful life of the equipment. It must withstand continuous immersion in high temperature solutions and be certified for drinking water at these temperatures.  Belzona 5892 was applied.

Yacht Flange Regeneration

Regeneration of the faces of two flanges for two exhaust pipes of this spectacular yacht. 

The aim of the intervention was to regenerate the flange seals using moulding techniques. By applying Belzona 1511 (due to the high temperatures in immersion conditions) and then placing the moulds treated with Belzona 9411 separating agent, the thickness dimensions suitable for the stability, watertightness and mechanical resistance of the structure are recovered.

Efficacy Treatment Hopper Cone

These goods suffer from different modes of erosion, corrosion and chemical attack in the papermaking process, which subject the machinery to extremely hostile environments. 

We repair the inner crack with Belzona 1111 and coat with Belzona 1321, a 2-part ceramic filled epoxy coating, to ensure that this equipment always meets its production targets with the highest possible performance.

Yacht Tank Protection Regeneration

The aim of the application was to protect the waste water tank of this yacht, as it was showing general corrosion with pitting. The previous protection system had proved insufficient.

Reconstruction of the damaged area was carried out with Belzona 1111, before being coated with two coats of Belzona 5811, a system to provide chemical and corrosion resistance.

Regeneration Protection Horns

The stern tube horns on this yacht were badly corroded with pitting. Their previous corrosion protection system proved to be insufficient and they were only in service for approximately 1 year and 3 months.

The project requirements were to fill and protect against the existing corrosion and erosion. Reconstruction of the damaged area was carried out with Belzona 1311, before coating with Belzona 1321 to provide corrosion and erosion resistance.

Mill Roll Repair

Filling the rollers of a vertical mill for a cement plant. These had lost size due to friction and erosive wear between the plates and the base where the plates are placed. We used Belzona 1111 to perfectly repair the roller in situ, restoring the worn surface to its original dimensions, with minimal downtime and cost.

Alternatives would have been difficult to apply due to the huge size of the roller and would have required much more time and money. Belzona, once again, solves both problems.

Floor Screed Protection

Protection of a newly constructed floor slab. The work consisted of protecting a 1700 m2 concrete floor, including kerbs and mechanical equipment supports.

The main problem was that the area had spillage of caustic products, mainly Na OH (Sodium Hydroxide) and K OH (Potassium Hydroxide). At the same time, temperatures of between 55 and 80ºC are reached. For these reasons our product Belzona 5892. was chosen. 

Yacht Cold Welding

The objective was to seal a borehole in a difficult to access area. Belzona 1212 allows us to perform a quick and agile intervention (in a few hours).  

We avoid the risk of sparks, hot work and heat treatments after traditional welding, which can damage both the structure and the paintwork.


WWTP Pipe Protection

Reconstruction and internal coating of sludge circulation pipes with corrosion and presence of pittings.

The requested finish had to have high chemical resistance, suitable for continuous immersion in wastewater. To rebuild and repair the metal surface we used Belzona 1111 and Belzona 4111, with subsequent coating of Belzona 5811.


Heat Exchanger Cover

Restoration project of a complete heat exchanger. We began by restoring the cover of the unit, which was in a very poor state of repair.

After cleaning, we recovered the thickness of the surface with Belzona 1111, and then coated it with Belzona 1391T.

Reconstruction of the distribution head

We went on to rebuild the distribution head. This was in very poor condition, with holes in the surface and had lost a lot of thickness.

After cleaning and preparing the part, we rebuilt the separation plate between the fluid inlet and outlet with Belzona 1111, and then coated it with Belzona 1391T, with incredible results.


Heat Exchanger Reconstruction

We finished the project by rebuilding the heat exchanger. The copper pipes were previously protected with rubber plugs to prevent the entry of blast media. We then replaced them with cork plugs to start the screed with Belzona 1111.

After sanding, we coated with Belzona 1391T. Finally, the holes are cleaned of any possible debris with a straight grinder.

Submersible Pump Recovery

Reconstruction of eleven parts that make up a submersible pump, with seawater collection for equipment cooling.

The pump was screeded with Belzona 1111 and then coated with Belzona 1341 which, through the use of hydrophobic technology, helps to repel process fluids and reduce turbulent flow. 



Condenser Tank Repair

The objective was to seal, reinforce and protect a specific area on the outside of a condensate tank, having the same water at 90-100ºC. 

For sealing, reinforcement, filling and protection we used Belzona 1111. For coating we use Belzona 5892, specifically designed for the protection of surfaces subject to immersion in hot aqueous solutions (up to 95ºC); resisting not only water and brine but also a wide range of chemicals.

Tank Base Repair

Tank base protection system against acid chemical attack. We condition the entire area to be coated with Belzona 4911 surface conditioner. We then use Belzona 4131 epoxy mortar.

Finally we prepare Belzona 4311, a system that is applied continuously, thus avoiding discontinuities where the chemical agent can advance.

ETAP Structural Reinforcement

Structural reinforcement under ASME PCC2 / ISO 24817 – Belzona Super Wrap II in sections of pipe up to the point where it meets the concrete, and partial rehabilitation of the wall bushing using composites.

The repairs were carried out in different rooms of a water distribution network company.



Reconstruction of the impeller of a fish farm

Reconstruction of the impeller of a water pump impeller to service a fish farm.

The part had severe seawater corrosion so the repair was carried out with Belzona 1111 and then coated with Belzona 1341, a coating designed to improve the efficiency of fluid handling equipment whilst protecting against corrosion and erosion.



Valve Recharge and Protection

Valve protection and hardfacing of check valve using Belzona1111 putty and two coats of Belzona1341N ceramic coating, both WRAS certified for contact with potable water.

After blasting, all pitting points were repointed and lost profiles were recovered using Belzona 1111 putty. Finally, two coats of Belzona 1341N ceramic metal cladding were applied. 


Silo Roof Waterproofing

Waterproofing of the roof of two food silos for rice storage, located in the Valencian Community. 

The bolted joints of the sheets that make up the roofs of the grain storage silos had suffered corrosion and loss of watertightness over the years. This led to water ingress, flooding the interior and deteriorating its contents. The surface was prepared to obtain a clean, rust-free substrate. Subsequently, joints were sealed, Belzona 3921 primer was applied and Belzona 3111 reinforced waterproofing system was applied.



Repair of Leaking Sewage Treatment Plant

Major repair of a leaking sewage treatment plant pipe. Corrosion had caused large leaks and cracks between the pipe and the wall.

After cleaning and degreasing the area to be repaired with Belzona 9411, the area was brushed with a grinder to roughen it. All cracks are sealed with Belzona 9611 and then repaired with Belzona Superwrap II to ASME PCC2 / ISO 24817.

Cradle Pipe Repair

Repair of a 14” carbon steel pipe in a crude oil storage tank area for a refinery in Spain.

The problem of external corrosion due to the weather and humid environment in the area was very serious. The repair was carried out cold and with hand tools, using Belzona 1111 and Belzona 5811.

Rehabilitation Tandem Pump

Tandem cooling pump casing rebuild and relining. The equipment handles water with the presence of mineral oils and refrigerants.

The project was carried out by abrasive blasting surface preparation and rebuilding of two wear ring seats using our Belzona 1121 polymeric putty.

Finally we apply Belzona 1321 ceramic internal coating, for long-term protection of the casings.


Deposit Reinforcement 

Reinforcement and protection against corrosion of a steel tank for wastewater at room temperature. Washing with pressurized water and emulsifying soaps.

Abrasive blast surface preparation per SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal and 75 micron or better anchor profile. Localized reconstruction of pittings, delamination and deteriorated substrate in general using Belzona 1121 polymeric putty. Internal coating of the tank using Belzona 5811 coating.

Rehabilitation Centrifugal Casing

In places with a lot of thickness loss we apply several tiles by cold welding with our product Belzona 1111.

We recharge and regrow the surface, and apply a repair bandage in the most damaged areas.

The leak hole is discovered, of considerable dimensions, so it is necessary to build a custom tile and place it.

Heat Exchanger Regeneration

The objective of the intervention is to isolate the metallic substrate from the contained solution, protecting it from the corrosion present and extending the useful life of the equipment with a maximum resistance coating.

The fluid that will be in contact with the structure of the exchanger will contain different chemicals at unknown concentrations, the most aggressive being hydrochloric acid. Within this main exchanger, the regeneration, protection and sealing treatment of the heads and the tubular plates on both sides was carried out.


Sealing and Tank Protection

Reinforcement and protection against corrosion of a steel tank for wastewater at room temperature. The technical proposal covers the works indicated below:

  • Washing with pressurized water and emulsifying soaps.
  • Abrasive blast surface preparation per SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal and 75 micron or better anchor profile.
  • Localized reconstruction of pittings, delamination and deteriorated substrate in general using Belzona 1121 polymeric putty.
  • Internal tank lining using Belzona 5811.

Active Leak Seal 

An electrical transformer suffered from an active oil leak located in one of its fins due to excess welding stress. This leak entailed the problem of considering the high cost of replacement, the cost of draining the oil from the equipment, together with the unwanted downtime and oil contamination that was occurring in the meantime.

After preparing the surface, we sealed the active leak using Belzona 1291 Fast Setting Reconstruction Putty. With this quick putty the oil leak was momentarily plugged to continue with the application of Belzona 1831. Subsequently we applied a structural reinforcement by means of a “tile”





Sealing and Filter Surround Protection

The objective of the repair was to seal/protect two areas of pores in the envelope of a filter. Not only were the pores found sealed, but a complete sealing was carried out in a safety zone.

Walls were reinforced in areas that seemed weaker in terms of thickness and had forceful pitting with Belzona 1161, including the application of a reinforcing sheet.


Cooler Rehab

Spectacular result of the rehabilitation of a cooler for a petrochemical plant. We treated a serious problem of thickness loss with pitting of the metal plate due to galvanic corrosion.

With Belzona 1111 we recover thickness and with our Belzona 1321 ceramic layer coating we protect the equipment, extending its useful life thanks to this maximum resistance coating.

Repair Leak

Repair of non-active leaky pores for an energy producing company. After preparing the surface, we proceed to plug the first leak with Belzona 9611. Once plugged, we apply our Belzona 1212 product.

For the repair of the second leak, and once the surface was prepared, we went on to repair the pore by cold welding a metal sheet with Belzona 1111.

Fuel Tank Protection

We found that the fuel tank was corroded, with pitting in certain areas of the base of the tank. It was necessary to restore and subsequently protect the equipment to prevent premature degeneration.

Reconstruction of the damaged area was carried out with Belzona 1111, before being coated with the Belzona 5811 system, which provides chemical resistance and corrosion protection. We covered the entire area with two coats of Belzona 5811, with excellent results.


Regeneration Pumps

Regeneration and protection of seawater pumps.


Propeller Regeneration 

Regeneration and protection of propellers for a bow thruster.



Rehabilitation Impeller Pump

Refurbishment Centrifugal pump impeller with Belzona 1111 and Belzona 1321 for a DWTP. The wear due to use was already severe, with the blades very worn and even with holes that had to be refilled.


Structural Reinforcement ASME 

Structural reinforcement ASME PCC2 with SuperWrap II system to 6 sections of 3” and 6” pipe in the crude zone whose lines transport heavy diesel to tanks. These pipe sections were underground, so they were affected by external corrosion and presented loss of thickness and therefore loss of reliability.


Regenerate Pneumatic Actuator

Due to the aggressive environment to which it was subjected, it suffered severe corrosion. It was coated with Belzona 1321.


Degasser Repair

The equipment will work in temperature ranges from 100ºC to 130ºC on a stainless steel substrate. We applied Belzona 1511 to seal all weld seams and accentuated edges and reinforce the low-thickness visible areas, to subsequently apply the Superwrap II system.

Finally we coat with Belzona 1391T, which provides resistance to erosion and corrosion in high temperature equipment operating under immersion up to 130°C.


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