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Clean water is essential for everyday life. This makes the work of water and wastewater treatment plants, both municipal and industrial, of vital importance. As is even more the maintenance of its facilities, machines and equipment. Harmful materials, chemical compounds and microorganisms extracted from the water during treatment processes create extremely hostile environments for operating equipment and its structure.

By processing wastewater for high-quality drinking water, treatment plants are exposed to erosion-corrosion problems, resulting in higher operating costs.

Scheme of a wastewater plant


In order to ensure that wastewater treatment plants continuously meet their production goals, with the highest possible performance and without deviating from the relevant environmental regulations, Belzona has designed a wide range of solutions that not only address the challenges presented the sector, but also provide protection against potential damage in the future.

Belzona Solutions for Water and Wastewater Plants:

Belzona cold applied systems have been shown to help improve the performance of wastewater treatment plants. They reduce downtime, eliminate parts replacement costs, and reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime and start-ups. Belzona solutions provide proven reliability and success in the repair and protection of machinery, equipment, and structures including, but not limited to:

  • Pump systems and sewage collection, primary treatment, sedimentation units, aeration units.
  • Sludge treatment, methane system, fluid handling equipment.
  • Equipment for fluid handling, water treatment, chemical treatment.

Concrete repair compounds:

The wastewater treatment process also exposes the concrete to very serious damage (erosion, corrosion, chemical and microbiological attack, carbonation, freezing and thawing cycles …).

Belzona concrete repair compounds are designed to rebuild and repair damaged concrete surfaces by restoring the original profile with a simple procedure that minimizes downtime. They set in a matter of hours and reach full mechanical toughness shortly thereafter.

Reservoir damage

We can apply coating solutions to improve wear and corrosion resistance, which prolongs service with minimal financial outlay. The coatings also help minimize the growth of microorganisms, thereby reducing cleaning downtime and operating costs.

If you are interested and need more information about Belzona solutions, contact us at rodator@rodator.com and the corresponding technical delegate will answer all your questions.