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There is currently a wide range of cutting-edge industrial coatings that resist chemical, mechanical or thermal attacks. This great offer is the result of the different technical needs that arise for each system.

However, in this post we are going to focus on a specific engineering solution: anti-acid coatings. What are they and what are they used for?

Antacid coatings: everything you need to know

Anti-acid coatings achieve safe and long-lasting protection against chemical corrosion of elements such as basements of electrolytic warehouses, columns, equipment bases, gutters, tanks, floors, etc. In this sense, different anti-acid protection systems have been developed based on thermosetting resins, depending on the mechanical, structural and chemical specifications of each environment.

Thus, depending on the needs of each client, and according to the temperatures of the application, the resin layers can be reinforced with different types of particles, such as:

  • Quartz, with polymeric concrete.
  • Flakes of glass or mica.
  • Fiberglass (FRP) or combination of other reinforcements.

Advantages of antacid coatings

The anti-acid industrial coatings that offer the best performance are those made with epoxy resins. And it is that they present an extraordinary resistance against the chemical and mechanical corrosion of the acids that are used in industrial environments. Among other advantages, these coatings guarantee:

Safety and resistance over time

Industrial equipment devoid of anti-acid coatings is more likely to weaken. As a result of this lack of maintenance, cracks and breaks end up appearing, which, in the worst case, can even cause the structures to collapse.

For example, a storage tank with a lack of maintenance in this sense can be unstable and dangerous, leading to accidents that even affect the employees of the facilities.

Cost savings

Not having anti-acid coatings translates into irreparable problems. Therefore, the equipment would have to be replaced, with the associated costs that the new purchase entails.

To avoid this unnecessary extra expense, applying coatings resistant to acid spills is the definitive solution.

Prolonged storage

Antacid resins have a double function: they improve the appearance of the equipment and, at the same time, extend the life of the surface of the installations. Do you want to enjoy optimal maintenance in your work environment? If the answer is yes, get in touch with Rodator, where we stock a wide range of Belzona compounds for the maintenance and repair of industrial equipment.

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