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What are composites used for? The range of industries dedicated to the manufacture and use of this synthetic material reaches innumerable areas. From the composites used for filling or remodeling teeth to those used to coat airplanes, ferries or facades, including the occupational safety footwear industry, there are numerous needs covered by this synthetic compound. But what exactly are composites and what are they used for?

Composites, what are they?

Composites, also known as composite resins, are synthetic materials that are made up of two types of elements: those for cohesion that, as you will already intuit, join, and those for reinforcement, that maintain the rigidity of the components. Consequently, the initial properties of said components improve.

Protection and reinforcement: the key to composites

Protection of dental enamel, industrial safety boots, construction panels to reject combustion or corrosion… We have already seen that composites intervene in countless industries and, in all of them, they do so fundamentally for protection purposes.

The star industrial coating

What are composites used for in the industrial area? Composite panels are high-performance polymers that have already established themselves in the construction and repair sector, mainly because they minimize maintenance needs. But there is more:

  • There are as many possibilities as there are projects, thanks to the wide range of colors, finishes and materials that we can find in the manufacture of composites for facades.
  • All formulas resist against inclement weather and time.
  • Composite panels are made up of two sheets of aluminum joined by a core of thermoplastic resins, which provide great resistance to corrosion and ageing.
  • As an exterior cladding, the composite offers great durability, but also a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

From Rodator, we supply high-performance polymer solutions for repair and protection in the Industry. If you want erosion and corrosion to cease to be a threat and you need to be guaranteed a real reduction in downtime in your activity, call us! We have the repair composites and industrial coatings you need.

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