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Los sistemas de impermeabilización contra el agua y el clima son una combinación de materiales que trabajan conjuntamente para evitar la filtración de agua a través del cubrimiento total del techo, laminado o cualquier superficie. 

The most destructive weather element for roof masonry and structures is moisture.

The only way to avoid leakage problems is prevention. And prevention requires proper waterproofing with the right products.

¿Cuándo debemos recurrir a sistemas de impermeabilización contra el agua y el clima?

These are the cases in which waterproofing should be done:

  1. During construction. The architects must take into account the waterproofing from the moment the work is in full construction, so they can protect the entire interior. This guarantees to avoid all moisture problems inside the building or house.
  2. Preventive. It should be waterproofed before signs of moisture, such as damp stains on the ceiling, or before paint or ceiling tiles begin to be removed.
  3. During regular construction maintenance, when regular inspections, maintenance overhauls and re-construction of areas and equipment are carried out to ensure their best condition.
  4. During building renovation, for example when a building feature is added, or the building layout is changed. The building’s waterproofing system has to be reinstalled to accommodate the renovation.
  5. When necessary, or when damage already caused by humidity occurs, but it is advisable to avoid reaching this point as you will spend more on repairing your interior.
Water and weatherproofing

Existe una lista muy extensa de sistemas de impermeabilización contra el agua y el clima. También una extensa lista de soluciones Belzona para ello, revisa aquí nuestros productos.

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