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Ease and speed of application, simplification of processes in the reform of spaces, chemical resistance, aesthetic finishes… Currently, the best results are required in the application of industrial coatings, especially since this type of treatment is carried out in commercial areas or where time is money and maintenance tasks cannot – and should not – hinder activity. But what exactly is an industrial coating and what quality standards should we demand from this treatment? Take note! What are industrial coatings? Industrial coatings are thin films that, whether in liquid, powder, spray or paste format, include different formulations to protect and treat each surface. Objectives of industrial coatings The objective of this type of treatment is clear: to protect pavements and structures, repair them and, where appropriate, embellish them, paying special attention to the environment in which it is going to be applied. And it is that certain sectors require materials with maximum levels of resistance to corrosion, wear, abrasion or high temperatures. The best example is found in epoxy resins, whose basic composition includes resin and hardener. With this type of formula, smooth finishes are achieved effortlessly, they do not require expensive works or expansion joints (it is applied directly to the pavement) and its drying time does not exceed 8 hours. Therefore, it is ideal for treating areas with constant traffic such as shopping centers, public car parks, etc. Most important applications of industrial coatings Industrial coating systems are used in all types of sectors and, therefore, surfaces, the most common being: Coatings of industrial buildings. Pipe maintenance. Repair of metal structures. Motors and heat generators. facades. Repair of industrial machinery. Protection of boat surfaces. Molded or injection materials. Waterproofing systems against water and weather As you can see, industrial coatings are a true ally, not only for the protection of industrial floors, but for countless work areas that include the repair and reconstruction of a multitude of surfaces. Looking for an adhesive compound that meets the specific needs of your project? At Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair resins and other industrial coatings that meet the expectations of each client. Contact us!

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