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The repair of metals for industries is one of the main setbacks that many sectors face due to the appearance of corrosion, erosion and physical damage to their materials. Problems that result in increased downtime, economic losses, safety risks and decreased work efficiency.

One of the most effective treatments for the protection of metal surfaces is cataphoresis. An automated painting method that produces an excellent anti-corrosive primer finish, this consists of applying the paint through electrical current to deposit it properly

What is the cataphoresis method?

Cataphoresis offers high quality, durable and highly resistant products to corrosion through the principle of attraction of opposites. In other words, this system applies a load to a metal part through a paint bath with oppositely charged particles. Thus, the metal piece attracts the paint particles that are deposited uniformly on the surface.

The process continues and is repeated until the desired thickness is achieved, then the layer produced by cataphoresis isolates the workpiece. The final result achieves a uniform film and a great painting even on hollow bodies and with geometric deformations.

Advantages of cataphoresis in the repair of metals for industries

The main difference between cataphoresis and other types of finishes is its great adherence capacity, resistance and degree of protection against mechanical deformation. It offers a better coating of all types of pieces thanks to its high penetration, excellent leveling and adherence, and optimal thickness uniformity.

In addition to the great finish offered by this automated painting method, cataphoresis offers other advantages such as its lower cost, wide compatibility with other paints, both liquid and powder, and with other industrial finishing processes, as well as its application on a wide variety of of metal substrates.

Each and every one of the benefits offered by cataphoresis makes it one of the best options to avoid metal repair for industries, regardless of the sector involved.

At Rodator we have a wide variety of simple, safe and high-quality solutions that provide benefits and protection against possible future damage to materials. In addition, they ensure that the production objectives of any of our clients are always met with the best possible result.

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