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What is epoxy resin? If in other entries we have focused on its resistance to high temperatures, on this occasion we offer some general brushstrokes on everything that this extraordinary material for industrial coatings is capable of providing. Pay attention! Epoxy resin composition Epoxy or epoxy resin (also called liquid crystal) is a thermosetting polymer that changes from a liquid to a solid state when a hardener or catalyst is applied to it. The most widely used epoxy resin results from the mixture of Bisphenol A (a chemical substance that is used mainly in combination with others to make plastics and resins) with epichlorohydrin. Its powerful adhesive effect also makes it an extraordinary formula for structures in the engineering, electronics, maritime or construction sectors. General characteristics of epoxy resin Did you know that epoxy is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 315ºC without losing its initial properties? This is the case of epoxy resins formulated to withstand high temperatures. However, the common epoxy resin (for example, the one used for DIY), remains intact in prolonged temperatures of up to 45 ºC, or up to 70 ºC, if the exposure is occasional. But there is more: In addition to high temperatures, epoxy resin resists prolonged exposure to corrosive chemical agents. It presents a physical resistance of 65 N/m2, (force applied to a body per square meter). Therefore, it is ideal as a coating in garages, industrial floors or processing plants. Flexibility and adherence are its most outstanding properties. It is also very easy to clean and apply. It does not shrink when it dries or disperse during its application, leveling itself out along the entire surface. Its versatility allows its application in innumerable areas: as an engineering adhesive, for the protection of generators avoiding short circuits and contact with humidity, in jewelry, for boats and surfboards, etc. Now you are clear about what epoxy resin is and how it can help you in your activity. So if you are also looking for an adhesive compound tailored to your needs, at Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona repair resins and industrial coatings that cover the specific needs of each project. Contact us!