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Is there a material capable of answering how to repair a metal gear that, at the same time, can be used to make extrusions, laminates and master pieces, as well as protect structures from the weather? The answer is yes.

In this post, we talk about epoxy resin, a versatile and essential material for the industry.

What is epoxy resin?

This stable polymer works as an adhesive for structures and is widely used in the engineering sector. It changes from a liquid to a solid state after the application of a hardener (or catalyst), becoming an exceptional solution for all types of coatings, including pavements. But the use of epoxy resin in the electronic and food industry, for boats or in the construction of all kinds of molds is also common.

Advantages for the industry

As specialists in the application of resins to protect structures, plants and equipment, in the following lines we offer some keys on how epoxy resin helps in industrial activity.

Great thermal and chemical resistance

Epoxy resin withstands prolonged temperatures of up to 45ºC, and up to 70ºC if the exposure is occasional. In addition, it remains intact against certain corrosive and abrasive chemical agents, which makes it the perfect material for the manufacture of gaskets.

Easy maintenance

In addition to being resistant, it adheres to the structure as much as possible, so that both its application and its cleaning are very simple.

a flexible material

Epoxy resin is flexible, but the good news is that it hardly shrinks, unlike other industrial protectors. In addition, it does not disperse during its application.

Finally, we remind you that at Rodator we have a wide variety of Belzona epoxy repair compounds that meet the needs of those who are wondering how to repair a metal gear, but also for those who are looking for protection of coatings and structures subjected to high temperatures.

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