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Damage to the leading edges is recognized as the biggest problem in protecting wind turbine blades. This results in one of the largest for the wind industry. Evidence has shown that damage to the leading edge of blades can decrease the annual output of a wind turbine, and energy losses are estimated at between 4% and 20% if erosion damage is significant.

Edges first

Studies indicate that a new set of blades can cost the equivalent of 20-25% of the original price of the wind turbine, while a minor repair to the blade is only 10% of the cost of a replacement blade. Unlike fillers, binders and tapes, Belzona’s reconstructive materials and protective coatings offer a superior solution.

Belzona 1221 is ideal for rebuilding blades, as it offers a smooth, wear-resistant surface. This quick-setting, easy-to-apply solution can be done on-site without the need for hot work.

Wind turbine blade repair

It can be used to rebuild pitted blade sections prior to application of Belzona 5721. At a temperature of 10 °C the surface will be ready for another coat after 16 minutes. This is a useful feature when performing on-site repairs.

Belzona 5721 has been specifically designed for the demands of leading edge protection. This innovative system achieves a perfect balance between flexibility and robustness, allowing it to tolerate environments exposed to high levels of erosion.

It complements on-site maintenance thanks to its simple one-coat application. In addition, the equipment can be commissioned to 100% of its capacity in just 4 hours. This front edge protection coating is available in white and gray.

Its key benefits are, fundamentally, protection against erosion caused by rain and the impact of particles and materials, since it has been specifically designed to protect the leading edge. Extraordinary adherence to GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). The setting time is reduced to half an hour, even at a temperature of 5ºC. Excellent long-lasting protection against UV degradation. This solvent-free material mixes easily and applies by brush, without the need for hot work.

Wind turbine blade protection

Protection characteristics of Wind Turbine Blades:

  • Easy to Apply: Single coat system that can be applied by brush, so no special tools or equipment is required.
  • Cold set: suitable for on-site applications in environments with minimum temperatures of up to 5ºC.
  • Quick return to service: minimizes downtime and dries to the touch in about half an hour.
  • Erosion Resistant: Specifically designed to protect the leading edge, provides long-lasting protection against erosion caused by rain and the impact of particles and materials.
  • Long-lasting Adhesion: Provides excellent adhesion to fiberglass reinforced plastic.
  • Stable UV protection: extraordinary resistance to UV rays that ensures long-term protection against the action of the weather.

In the following video, our team covers some turbine blades of a wind turbine to check its efficiency:


Protege las palas de turbinas eólicas gracias a Belzona, y ahorra mucho tiempo y dinero en costosos mantenimientos. Ponte en contacto con nuestro equipo de especialistas técnicos a través de rodator@rodator.com.

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